Was ist passiert?

So the glitch wasn’t hidden in the engine of the aircraft. It was in between the control panel and the co-pilot seat in a locked cockpit. Everything about this mass murder is shocking, appalling. But there are a few aspects that maybe are worth thinking about.

One of them is the (even greater) stigmatization of people carrying some kind of mental illness. Sometimes they’re easy to hide, and there’s no safe way to detect and treat some, like depression, if the depressed him/herself doesn’t or can’t gather enough courage to face it. It’s a life-consuming leak which can be barely detectable and prone to cause some real damage – but we should be better at dealing with it as a society. Maybe not as a hypermedicated, ultracompetitive one, but maybe as a more human, understanding and compassionate one. Maybe this way people would want to have their names remembered and “change the system” not for what they can destroy and break, but for what they can create and heal – even if this is always a harder path.

And another thing is how we modulate actions and behavior in our control societies. Had the doctor who declared the young man “unfit to work” given the diagnosis to Lufthansa’s HR (or medical) department, what could have happened? But then: ethics might be a quite complicated line here, but what about when not being fit to work puts hundreds of lives under your care in danger? Again, the old debate of “exchanging our liberties for more safety” might pop up. But do we want to live in a hyper-surveiled society, up to the point of having this kind of delicate information disclosed to employers, being this information vital to the exercise of some trades? But then, if we don’t, do we incur in a greater danger of having disasters like the one that happened this week?

And what to say about something that was considered “suicide”, then “mass murder”, but not exactly “terrorism”? Does the latter depend on a strict connection to Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram or groups of this kind – or on being a Muslim? Of course when someone kills some 150 other people besides him/herself, that can’t be considered a plain suicide. Mass murder is much more appropriate. But why not say this was a terrorist act? Can’t white European people be liable to commit them, too?