Asking for help

Now THIS is amazing. I’ve also seen AFP’s talk longer ago – really touching, confronting, bold, radical, inspiring – and it lingered on in my head times after having watched it for the first time (with a room for a second, third, fourth, Nth time…). It was nice to be reminded of this talk today once more by having this post fall on my lap – and seeing some different ways people have of connecting and valuing the humanity in others – of showing they care. Specially funny for having been confronted with so much food for thought lately (involving even some brooding over how I’d look like if I had my head shaved, funny thing) and pondering over the coherence between discourse and action I’m entangled in. Feeling some thoughts rewire in here.

George Blogs

I watched a TED talk by Amanda Palmer last week, it was doing the rounds on facebook in one of those articles that is guaranteed to put me off! Enough people I respect commented or shared it for my interest to be peaked and I’m really glad I watched it. I would highly recommend the 14 minutes of your life it takes to watch it.

Essentially it is a story of trust, reciprocity, connection and vulnerability – dressed up in a fantastic narrative about the music industry, crowd-surfing, couch-surfing and her hugely successful attempts to crowdfund her work.

I’ve been musing on this video ever since. There was so much of it that spoke to me, what she said about trust and asking for help, about connectivity between people, about systems and hierarchies, and vulnerability and change. I don’t want to spoil it, I’d highly recommend it. Then I read…

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