On the waiting list still!

This movie, along with some others, is still one of those at the top of the “must-see” column (just don’t know why they’ve been stuck in this list for so long!). Very interesting the relation that Zizek traces between cinema and philosophy in some of his writings, and in this movie it should be something alike. After all this jumble of images and tangled life stories is indeed a philosophical thing itself, it does more than merely reflecting our fears, hopes, dreams or being a point in time in which we can experience catharsis at some level. It’s a kind of a mirror in front of which we can sit, think, give it a 360° turn to have a look around, and of course, have a closer look at a pimple or a spot here and there. And it doesn’t apply only to the Felinnis, Kieslowskis, Bergmans, Godards, Tarkovskies or so. Maybe any (or almost any) movie can serve as a good reflector or a good mirror, as long as the observer is attentive enough to look for the details. Surely some are better than others, but that may also be a matter of pure perspective.