Merece um grande re-tweet

Recebi por e-mail essas valiosas dicas sobre entrevista e resolvi reverberar. São de Ruy Castro e saíram no blog do treinamento em reportagem da Folha, o Novo em Folha. A-d-o-r-e-i!


Com um leve toque de jazz

Vai aqui uma entrevista feita no Porto, feita em colaboração com a minha amiga Manaíra Aires – que ainda está por lá. Falamos com uma das grandes figuras do jazz norte-americano contemporâneo, Stacey Kent, numa apresentação que ela fez na FEUP, em maio. Pudemos sentir toda aquela simpatia, boas energias e paixão pela vida e pela música, diante dos quais ninguém consegue ficar indiferente. Enjoy! :-)


For those who couldn’t attend the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, back in April this year, a recommendation: don’t miss the next one.  People and places full of energy, interesting speakers from all over the world and a very interesting cut in italian reality. I do really recommend to any and everyone interested in Journalism and can be around Perugia next year between April 21st and 25th.

A great space to exercise and get some learning as well, here go a few interviews and reviews that came out from my side in between 1st and 5th of April this year. Enjoy!

In here, an interview with Ricardo Pereira, a foreign correspondent to Rede Globo. We talk about brazilian television, brazilians abroad and the late entrance of this tv channel in the Portuguese market.

In this other interview, John Byrne, editor in chief for Business Week online. We talked about information overload, Internet regulation in a light and cool point of view.

In here, a review of one of the talks, dealing with the already obsolete capitalism model in which we live today – and which we don’t know for how long or how short will endure.

In this other review, the then president of the European Parliament, Hans Gert-Pöttering, gives his message to europeans from all over, in an idilic – yet constructive –  way.

In here, a review of a talk concerning freedom of expression, corruption, journalists in danger and Latin America – under some circumstances and in an environment in which theory and practice sometimes are very hard to meet.

In this review, an intersting view of the present change of narratives that Internet is bringing over. The traditional model of story-telling in Journalism can be getting to an evolution.

In here, some debate on Journalism, Italy, technology, new ways and new roles of the practice nowadays. Very interesting indeed.

In here, some impressions of a beautiful moment of when I was introduced to Oriana Falacci – at least her greatly intense life and breath-taking works. In Portuguese.

And finally here, some opinions of people I stumbled upon in the festival – the audience speaking out loud!